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Purchases & Shipping Policy

Purchasing & Shipping Terms
Thank you for shopping with Allmy Health Care and Nursing. We trust that you have enjoyed your shopping experience with us and we look forward to offering you new and exciting products in the future.

We would like you to read our Purchase & Shipping Terms carefully to ensure that you are fully aware of your rights when purchasing items (Items) via the Allmy Health Care and Nursing website (our Website).

Your order signifies your agreement to be bound by these Purchase & Shipping Terms, which constitute the agreement between Allmy Health Care and Nursing (AMHCAN, AHCaN) and you.


You must provide complete and accurate details at the time of making your purchase. You may be required to provide additional details upon our request to ensure the accuracy of your order.

You must enter the correct delivery address and delivery instructions at the time of placing your order. If you enter an incorrect address, Allmy Health Care and Nursing is not obliged to re-send the order to the correct address at our own expense. Please email us immediately if you submit your order and then realise that you have entered an incorrect delivery address or delivery instructions.

Purchase Price
All prices quoted on the Website, or pursuant to any enquiry that you may make with us, are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and exclude GST.

We reserve the right to vary the prices displayed on the Website from time to time and without notice to you. Our prices do not include insurance or any secondary attempts to deliver Items to you.

Allmy Health Care and Nursing accepts payment via credit card (via the Stripe and Square payment platforms). After you make payment for your order, you will receive a transaction confirmation email, which confirms receipt of your order. In the event that Allmy Health Care and Nursing does not receive cleared funds after 48 hours of you submitting your order, we will email you at the email address nominated in your order to communicate about your payment.



We recognise that protection and safety of information relating to your credit card is very important. Therefore, we provide you with a very safe and stress-free online shopping experience. We do not store your credit card details at any time so consumer confidence and satisfaction is assured at all times.

Processing of Orders

Orders made via our Website will typically be processed within three (3) to five (5) business days of your order being made and payment being received from us in cleared funds.


Order pick-up
We do not currently permit orders to be picked up from us.

Within Australia 
Shipping within Australia will be via Australia Post.

Shipping to destinations outside of Australia will be via Australia Post International Courier.

Delivery Time Frames
We cannot guarantee delivery times. However, you should receive your delivery within the following timeframes:

  • Within Australia: within five (5 - 10) business days of us notifying you that your order has been shipped; and

  • Outside of Australia: within 30 days of us notifying you that your order has been shipped.

However, there may be times where shipping will take a little longer (for example, during peak times such as Christmas). We will notify you if this is to be the case. If you have not received your Items within our suggested timeframes, please email us your full name and order number and we will investigate on your behalf.

Delivery of your order may also be delayed if you provide us with an incorrect delivery address.

Cancellation of Orders

Allmy Health Care and Nursing may cancel your order, if for any reason, we are unable to provide you with the Items subject to your order. We will contact you should this occur. You will not be entitled to claim any additional amounts or seek compensation for any loss, expense or damage (either direct or consequential) or for any loss of time or inconvenience, which may result from such cancellation. You are not permitted to cancel an order, unless expressly agreed to, in writing, by Allmy Health Care and Nursing.

Damaged, Lost or Incomplete Orders
Should your order be damaged, lost or incomplete, please email​ us within seven (7) days (including your order number, item code or name of the item you ordered) so that we may assist you.

Refunds and Returns
Any requests for a refund will be handled in accordance with our Refunds & Returns Policy.


By agreeing to these Purchase & Shipping Terms, you also consent to receive further electronic communications from us in relation to the Allmy Health Care and Nursing business, including information relating to items, competitions, promotions, special offers and any other commercial message. Of course, you may email​ us to unsubscribe at any time.

Governing Law

The laws of South Australia, Australia, govern these Purchase & Shipping Terms.

Please email​ us if you have any questions about our Purchase & Shipping Terms.


This website came into effect on 11/10/2022 and will be reviewed annually or periodically if further amendments or updates are required,the Purchase & Shipping Terms were last updated 05 April 2023.

Refunds & Returns Policy


Refunds & Returns Terms

Allmy Health care and Nursing (AMHCAN, AHCaN)

makes every effort to be fully transparent at all times. Accordingly, we have developed this Refunds & Returns Policy to ensure that you are fully aware of your rights with respect to refunds and returns.


Returns and refunds

If you are concerned about your entitlement to a refund or exchange, we recommend that you read on to learn about your rights and our obligations to you.


Your entitlement to a refund or exchange

You will be entitled to a refund or exchange where we are required to do so under any relevant laws, including the Australian Consumer Law. You may ask for a refund or exchange, if an item has a major problem, or is not what you expected it to be (wrong colour or fit for example).


In the event that you believe that you are entitled to a refund or exchange, you must provide us with:

  • your full name and address;

  • the original order number; and

  • the reason for claiming the refund or exchange.

Returning items to us

If you wish to return an item to us, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible after becoming aware of the issue, prompting your request for a refund or exchange. Delayed claims for refunds or exchanges may lead to your request for an exchange or refunds being rejected. We reserve the right to assess the condition of a returned item prior to offering a refund or exchange. This may result in a refund or exchange being refused by us.


Exchange and refund valuation

You may be entitled to a refund equal to the cost of the item only. You may be entitled to an exchange for an identical item, or one of a similar value. 

The value of a returned item is determined by the amount paid and listed on your invoice or receipt. If you are exchanging for a new item, the value of the item is determined by the online listed price at the time your exchange is processed. Exchanges are subject to availability. If your preferred item is not available at the time you will receive a refund or online credit.


How to return items

Allmy Health Care and Nursing takes no responsibility for items that are returned but become lost or not delivered to us. If you are concerned about loss or damage in transit, you should consider adding tracking or insurance. However, this is at your sole discretion, and Allmy Health Care and Nursing makes no representations or warranties in relation to the security of returned item/s. Upon receipt of the item/s, we will inspect them and if they are returned in accordance with this Refunds & Returns Policy and we are satisfied that you are entitled to a refund or exchange, we will issue you with a refund or exchange. We reserve the right to assess the condition and age of the returned items prior to offering an exchange, discount voucher, refund or repair. For items purchased through third party websites, please contact the website through which you purchased the product.


Return delivery charges

We recommend you return the item to us via Registered Post so that the delivery can be tracked. All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer, until such time that we have confirmed that there is a fault with a product or that we have made a shipping error.


Provision of refunds or exchanges to you

If after assessing the condition of the returned item/s, your refund is approved, we will send you an email confirming that your refund will be issued. Please allow five (5) business days for refunds to be processed (longer during sales periods). All refunds will be issued via the same payment method used to purchase the items. There may be delays in the provision of the refund that may be caused by the issuing bank. Please contact us if you have not received your refund within five (5) business days of us notifying you that a refund has been issued.



Please email us if you have any questions regarding our Refunds & Returns Policy.



This website came into effect on 11/10/2022 and will be reviewed annually or periodically if further amendments or updates are required, the Refunds & Returns Policy was last updated on 05 April 2023.

Complaints & Feedback


Please contact Allmy Health Care and Nursing directly for any complaints or feedback


Postal address:  PO BOX 2364, Salisbury Downs, SA. 5108.


If you notice any concerns with the website or inappropriate use of website intellectual property and prefer to remain anonymous your privacy will be maintained.  

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