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ABOUT Allmy Health Care and Nursing

In 2022 AHCaN was established as a privately owned company providing Health Care and Nursing products and services to healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, education and training providers, and health and community service organisations.

In 2023 AHCaN started developing eLearning modules and clinical placement workbooks for General Practice Nurses to assist with upskilling and expanding their scope of practice to improve and expand clinic services in person-centred care, clinical procedures and understanding common diagnostic tools

In 2024 AHCaN plans to further expand its services to include establishing Accreditation Standards for Nurse-Led Clinics and Nurse-Led Models of Care.

ABOUT Kristin Myall (Company Director)

Kristin Myall is a highly skilled Registered Nurse with a well established career in Healthcare and Nursing predominantly in General Practice, Nursing Education, Training and Mentoring and Consulting. 

Kristin started her career as a Phlebotomist in 2009, transitioned into General Practice and Nursing Education as a Registered Nurse in 2015, and further expanded her scope of practice to include Nurse Led Dermatology and Regenerative Medicine in 2021. 

Kristin Myall holds the following nationally recognised qualifications;

  • Master of Nurse Practitioner - University of Newcastle (2023)
  • Graduate Certificate in Dermatology Nursing - Australian College of Nursing (2023)
  • Provide CPR – First Aid Pro (2023)
  • Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Nursing – Australian College of Nurses (2021)

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Upgrade – AITT (2021)

  • Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattooing SHBBSK003 – Australian Institute of Body Art (2020)

  • Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments HLTINF005 – Australian Institute of Body Art (2020)

  • Provide First Aid – First Aid Pro (2020)

  • Screening and Identifying Chronic Disease in Primary Health - BenchMarque (2018).

  • Chronic Disease Self Management - BenchMarque (2017).

  • Nutrition Support Program - BenchMarque (2017).

  • Foot Health Assessment Program - BenchMarque (2017).

  • Course in Aural (Ear) Health - BenchMarque (2017).

  • Diploma in Leadership and Management - Studywell College (2016).

  • Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety - Studywell College (2016).

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - Tafe SA Tea Tree Gully (2015).

  • Bachelor’s of Nursing (IBNU) - University of South Australia (2013-2014).

  • Perioperative Nursing - Tafe SA Port Adelaide (2012).

  • Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 Nursing) - Tafe SA Port Adelaide (2011-2012).

  • Pathology Specimen Collection Certificate IV - Tafe SA Gilles Planes. (2009).

Kristin Myall also holds the following recognised certificates;

  • Penthrox (Methoxyflurane) Healthcare Professional Training – Medical Developments International (15/09/2023)

  • Safe handling and administration of medical gas – Mandatory Training Group (2023)

  • Cryotherapy – Mandatory Training Group (2023)

  • Fracture Management - Health Education Collaborative (2023)

  • Covid 19 vaccination training program: Module 1 – Covid-19 an introduction, Module 2 – Handling and storage, Module 3 – Communication and purpose, Module 4 – Multi-dose vial (MDV) training and delivery, Module 5 – Documentation and reporting and Module 6 – Safety surveillance and reporting of adverse events following immunisation (AEFI). Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine Additional Module 1, Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine Additional Module 1a, Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine Additional Module 1b, Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine Additional Module 4 and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine Additional Module 4a. AstraZenexa vaccine Additional Module 2, Moderna/Spikevax Additional Module 3c, Moderna/Spikevax Additional Module 3d and Novavax vaccine Additional Module 5 - Australian Government Department of Health (2021-2022).

  • Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine – HealthCert (2021)

  • Introduction to Skin Lesion Identification & Dermatoscopy – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Travel Health Nurse – TravelVax Australia (2020)

  • Iron Deficiency Anaemia - BloodSafe (2019).

  • Yellow Fever Vaccine: Information for Health Care Professionals Advising Travellers – SA Gov (2018).

  • Understanding Vaccines and the National Immunisation Program - SA Gov (2018).

  • Mental Health Essential eLearning: Module 1 – about mental health, Module 2 – mental illness and ways to engage, Module 3 – therapeutic approaches for everyday practice, Module 4 – mental health assessment and risk assessment, Module 5 – referral, documentation and care coordination and Module 6 – knowledge to practice - Australian College of Menatal Health Nurses (2018).

  • Chronic Disease and Mental health: Module 1 – mental health issues are common in people with chronic disease, Module 2  - mental issues can impact on anyone, Module 3 – is this a problem, Module 4 – asking about mental health – it’s not always a can of worms, Module 5 – grief and loss - Australian College of Menatal Health Nurses (2018).

  • Implanon NXT Insertion and removal - Shine SA. (2016).

  • Pap Smear Competency - Shine SA (2015).

  • Fire Prevention and Safety During Surgical Procedures Program, Surgical Smoke: What We Know Program, Recommended Practice for Electrosurgery and Evidence-Based Practices for Minimally Invasive Procedures Program (Coviden 2012).


Kristin regularly attends local and national events and other continuing professional development activities to maintain current best practice standards, patient safety, and quality in healthcare and nursing.

Industry Involvement

Kristin's Presentations Publications and Professional Events;

  • EGO Skincare Scholarship winner – Nursing category 2023.

  • Collaborated with Insurance House in 2021 to create a competitive and comprehensive nurse insurance policy.

  • World Hepatitis Day Event 2018 “B Positive, C Results” (Relationships Australia, Hepatitis SA, RASA, PEACE Multicultural Services, MOSAIC)

Kristin's Professional Memberships;

  • Phlebotomist Council of Australia

  • Australian Primary Health Nurses Association (Advisory Nurse Panel,  Representative & Online Ambassador 2021-2022)

  • Australian College of Nurses, ACN Representative: Leadership Team 2023)

  • Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (Associate Member)

  • Australian Dermatology Nurses Association

  • Australian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine 


Kristin's Current and Future Projects:

  • Text Book: Private Practice Nursing and Nurse Led Clinics in Australia

  • Nurse Led Clinics: Framework, Model of Care, Funding and Accreditation Standards

Why AHCaN?

After working 13 years in Healthcare, Pathology, General Practice, Education and Training and Nurse Led Dermatology, Kristin noticed many gaps in consistency with implementing or understanding national compliance, clinical governance, industry standards and guidelines. 

Because of these gaps Kristin has invested countless hours over the past 8 years researching and advancing her skills and knowledge in General Practice to become an industry advocate and recognised primary healthcare liaison officer.


In 2021, Kristin became an APNA Representative, Online Community Ambassador and a member of APNA’s Expert Nurse Panel to represent and advocate for Primary Healthcare Nurses and stepped back in 2022 due to other commitments. in 2021 Kristin facilitated clinical placement for the Australian Colleges of Nursing for their Graduate Certificate in Nursing and in 2023 became an  ACN Representative on their Leadership Team in South Australia and plans to collaborate in 2024 to write an undergrad course for General Practice and Dermatology Nurses.  Kristin consults with professional bodies, insurance brokers, pharmaceutical, equipment, and device distributors, education and training providers and other industry stakeholders to advocate and improve the nursing workforce as a collective.

After embedding herself into the healthcare and nursing industry she became aware of larger gaps between service providers and professionals throughout every level of healthcare and nursing and created the AHCaN web of wellness.

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