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WELCOME TO Allmy Health Care and Nursing 

"We all started somewhere and it wasn't easy for most of us, imagine if someone was there to guide and support you and the difference that would have made."

"Inspire, Motivate and Lead by Example"

- Kristin Myall

Healthcare Professionals

  • Phlebotomist (Pathology Collector)

  • Nursing Students (EN/RN/NP)

  • Enrolled Nurse (Division 2)

  • Registered Nurse (Division 1)

  • Nurse Practitioner (Endorsed)

  • Medical Doctor (MBBS)


Healthcare Professionals

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Healthcare Providers

  • Primary Healthcare Service Provider

  • Community Services Provider

  • NDIS Services Provider

  • DVA Services Provider

  • MyAgedCare Services Provider

  • General Practice (Private Practice)

  • Dermatology Practice  (Private Practice)


Healthcare Providers

Education and Training Providers

  • Registered Training Organisations

  • Non Accredited Training Providers

  • Government and Health Department Training Providers

  • CPD Endorsement

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Education and Training Providers

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Healthcare and Community Service Organisations

  • Primary Healthcare Service Providers

  • Community Service Providers

  • Local Health Departments

  • Local Health or Nursing Networks

  • Peak Bodies, Regulators and Unions

  • Health and Medical Research

  • Health, Medical or Nursing Journals


Healthcare and Community Service Organisations

Mission & Vision Statements

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive collaborative services across every level of Primary Health Care and Nursing to improve health equity, quality, and safety for consumers and providers.


AHCaN supports Australian charities for Domestic Violence, First Nation People, Diversity and Inclusion and Mental Health

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Our Vision

Our vision is to close the health equity gap in health care and nursing by empowering providers and consumers with skills and knowledge to promote holistic patient centred care, improve patient self management and overall quality of life.

Our vision can only be achieved when providers and consumers understand 'health equity' not 'health equality' as this is the true definition of person centred care.

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Our Principles

AHCaN's main principle is to help others provide 'health equity' not 'health equality' as this is the true definition of person centred care.


'We are all consumers of healthcare and nursing services at some point in our life and when it is our turn to receive care would we not choose health equity over health equality?'

Contact Us


For all enquiries please submit an online enquiry or email and someone will be in contact with you to discuss your enquiry.

Thanks for submitting!

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